How to Draw Teeth That Don’t Look Like Chiclets

Have you ever been drawing a portrait and been discouraged because the teeth you drew look like Chiclets gum?

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Drawing Characters From AMC’s Breaking Bad + a Question for You!

I am a big fan of AMC’s television show, Better Call Saul. I actually am impatiently waiting for the next season to finally come out.

saul goodman, james mcgill, jimmy mcgill, slippin jimmy

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I first started watching Breaking Bad when it came out in 2008, because of the fact that I was intrigued by the fact that Hal from Malcolm in the Middle was going to be playing such a dark character. It was so hard for me to imagine him in that role!

bryan cranston hal walter white

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It turned out that the show was very good, very intense, very interesting. And of course, when Better Call Saul came out afterward, I had to watch it too!

In the last week, I decided to draw some celebrities from the shows Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad and to create a time-lapsed video of me drawing Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston) so others could see the progress of creation.  Let me know what you think.

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How to Draw a Realistic Eye – Time Lapsed

  1. Eye YouTube thumbnail Yesterday, I posted a video of me drawing a realistic eye in real time. I made it so people could follow along and draw with me (it’s one hour long).

For those of you who don’t have an hour to watch but would like to see the process, I have uploaded a time-lapsed version. Enjoy!

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How to draw a Realistic Eye: Video Walk-Through in Real Time

Would you like to learn the process of drawing a realistic human eye?

There are a lot of tutorials about drawing.

Many of them are absolutely terrific, and I still learn from them today. Many of the artists who create them draw so much better than I do, and are able to articulate their process much better than I can.

However, one thing I do notice is that many of the videos showing how to draw eyes or hands, etc are time lapsed.

While time-lapsed videos are really fun to watch – and I really enjoy watching them – these kinds of videos may not have all the information that you’re looking for when learning to draw. Continue reading

How to draw hair for beginners

Have you ever wanted to draw hair but get frustrated because every time you try, it looks like this?
Or this?
But you want to draw hair like this:
Or this?
How can you go from drawing hair as demonstrated in the first two examples, to drawing as demonstrated by next two?  Continue reading

One Way You Can Create a Completely Original Piece of Art With Your Imagination Today.

When I was a child, I used to create my own unique stories and pictures using my imagination.  I didn’t really worry about what others thought of my drawings- I just drew them because I enjoyed the process so much.
As I got older, I started to care more about what people thought about my drawings, so I started trying harder and being critical of my own work and trying to impress them.
I spent hours per day trying to learn how to improve my drawings, but I think I must have stopped using my imagination somewhere along the way, for the most part.
I did not visualize a concept and try to put it on paper. I just copied what I saw and drew that alone.
I  learned to see what I was looking at and how to copy it on paper, but many of my drawings lacked a certain spark of creativity and individuality. Continue reading

How I Draw a Rose in Less than 20 Minutes – Real Time

A few days ago, I wrote a blog post about drawing a rose. The post had over 100 pictures.
But I decided today that for those who are visual learners – who need to SEE moving images to really understand – to create a video for them as well!
My son, Caleb, made a wonderful intro for me and even created the intro music for it. You can view his SoundCloud here.
I am sure as I continue making videos, I will improve in lighting, sound quality, and editing (this was my first time trying), but for now- I think that it should be educational in letting you see some of the techniques that I use when I draw!
Also, I am open to constructive criticism and tips if you are skilled in video editing!

Please let me know your thoughts! Did you learn anything from watching this video?

Drawing tutorial- how to draw a rose

Thank you in advance for your patience if the pictures I’ve posted below take a while for your computer to load. I have uploaded over 100 for this tutorial!
Today, I was trying to think of what would be a good subject matter for teaching a tutorial on this blog, and I finally decided on a simple rose.
I found a free stock image of a rose on Pexels:
bloom-blossom-flower-15239 (1).jpg
I would love for you to follow along with me as I draw this rose. Also… it would make me so happy to see your results! 
I decided to freehand this because I want to demonstrate that with certain subjects, such as flowers, trees -or most anything in nature really- can be drawn without worrying about exact proportions.
You’ll notice my finished drawing is not precisely accurate to the photo (if you were to compare them side by side) but still looks like a rose.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you’re following along and wanting to draw this if you do it freehand you might get frustrated with yourself if you find that your rose doesn’t look exactly like the picture- or maybe it doesn’t look ANYTHING like the picture.
If you find yourself feeling this way, please remind yourself that you’re learning, and people don’t learn everything overnight!
I’ve had students who have sometimes managed to throw away perfectly good pieces of work because they couldn’t look past the imperfections (what they deemed failures) to see the beauty they had captured and expressed in their drawing.
I can understand why they feel that way because I remember when I used to get so frustrated with myself when I would try to get the measurements right and no matter what I did, I just couldn’t get it to look like I wanted it to. And there were those times that I would tear it up and throw it in the garbage, regrettably.
But then, later, I would think…wow, wish I could see that drawing today. I would like to see how I’ve progressed since then!
And as for the ones I hated at the time but actually managed to hold on to, I’ve been able to look back and think to myself, “you know, it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was at the time!”
There’s a lot of emotion that is behind the way we feel about our drawings.  So today let’s just try to draw this rose together for the fun and enjoyment of it! Continue reading