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How to draw a Realistic Eye: Video Walk-Through in Real Time

Would you like to learn the process of drawing a realistic human eye?

There are a lot of tutorials about drawing.

Many of them are absolutely terrific, and I still learn from them today. Many of the artists who create them draw so much better than I do, and are able to articulate their process much better than I can.

However, one thing I do notice is that many of the videos showing how to draw eyes or hands, etc are time lapsed.

While time-lapsed videos are really fun to watch – and I really enjoy watching them – these kinds of videos may not have all the information that you’re looking for when learning to draw. Continue reading

One Way You Can Create a Completely Original Piece of Art With Your Imagination Today.

When I was a child, I used to create my own unique stories and pictures using my imagination.  I didn’t really worry about what others thought of my drawings- I just drew them because I enjoyed the process so much.
As I got older, I started to care more about what people thought about my drawings, so I started trying harder and being critical of my own work and trying to impress them.
I spent hours per day trying to learn how to improve my drawings, but I think I must have stopped using my imagination somewhere along the way, for the most part.
I did not visualize a concept and try to put it on paper. I just copied what I saw and drew that alone.
I  learned to see what I was looking at and how to copy it on paper, but many of my drawings lacked a certain spark of creativity and individuality. Continue reading

Essentials tools you need to get started drawing today!

So… you’ve decided that you want to start drawing but just don’t know where to start.
Maybe you’re wondering what kind of pencil is best, or what kind of paper you’ll need, or what other kinds of materials will be useful to help along the process?
I will try my best to give you answers to these questions to the best of my ability.
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The first thing I think is important is to decide what kind of paper you want to draw with. There are many kinds, and the type of paper you buy makes a huge difference in the quality, look, and feel of your artwork!
Here are some examples of what I’m talking about. There are many, many types of paper that you can choose from, and here are some of them:

Sketch paper 

This is the kind of paper you’ll find in most sketch pads, and the purpose behind it is to give you something to practice on. You wouldn’t want to use it to create a finished drawing to give away or sell because it’s not durable; it is easily torn or damaged by erasing. It is perfect for the purpose of making quick sketches, and it is very affordable. Continue reading