Very often, I hear people tell me these words, “Your work is so good! I can’t even draw a stick person!”.

While it feels good to be complimented in such a sincere way, as i kept hearing this reference to the “stick person”, I started to ponder on the meaning of the comment and wondered, do people really believe they are lacking in talent or that they could not do the same things that I am doing?

The statement, “I can’t even draw a stick person” seems to be a way to say, “You have talent, therefore you can draw. I do not have talent, and therefore I cannot.”

While talent may play a role in my drawings, i can assure you, it’s a small one. It was not talent that got me to where I am today. It was desire, willingness to learn, and patience.

Drawing realistically is a learned skill, just like anything else, and it took years and years of spending hours per day practicing and growing to get to the point of what you see today (which, if you ask me, still has a lot of room for growth).

My hopes for this blog is that it will help anyone who sincerely wants to draw but thinks “I can’t even draw a stick person!” to challenge this false belief, and begin the journey to becoming the artist they have always been on the inside.

Everyone is born an artist. If you watch children, you’ll see that most of them like to create and draw, using their imaginations. It’s only when they get older and begin listening to others that they start doubting their capabilities and tuck away that confidence they initially had.

I hope to provide you with the tools and techniques to grow in your skills, and to give you a boost of confidence as well so that you can overcome and kind of doubts of what you are capable of!

So come on! Grab a pencil and some paper and let’s get started!