Would you like to learn the process of drawing a realistic human eye?

There are a lot of tutorials about drawing.

Many of them are absolutely terrific, and I still learn from them today. Many of the artists who create them draw so much better than I do, and are able to articulate their process much better than I can.

However, one thing I do notice is that many of the videos showing how to draw eyes or hands, etc are time lapsed.

While time-lapsed videos are really fun to watch – and I really enjoy watching them – these kinds of videos may not have all the information that you’re looking for when learning to draw.

I used to see tutorials online years ago, showing with pictures how something was accomplished (back then, Youtube wasn’t even a thing, really), and I would be scratching my head because there seemed to be so much missing information, and I wanted more!

I was left wondering how they accomplished what they did, and wishing that someone would just let me SEE the things I was missing, so I could observe and learn.

Being able to watch someone work in real time is very helpful for me…I don’t learn nearly as fast if I read a book that simply tells me what to do with words.  Can you relate?

I need pictures- LOTS of them… I need examples… I need step by step instructions.

So for this reason, I decided to post an hour long video of me drawing an eye and explaining my process along the way -just the way I feel it would have helped me years ago.

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Talking to a camera isn’t nearly as easy for me as talking to a human in person, but I know that over time I will learn to become more comfortable with the process.

I hope to also become more familiar with the editing process. For now, if you decide to watch my video, you’ll have to patiently endure the moments where my children are in the background making noise, my going blank and trying to remember what I was talking about, and the problems with lighting! 😀

But over time, I will improve and have much better content out there for you to view!


If you decide to take an hour out of your day and follow along with me (and I hope you will!), the materials you will need are:

1 sheet of Bristol smooth paper… I used 11 x 14.

6B and 8B Kimberly Pencils (any brand will do…these are just what I used)

1 mechanical HB pencil 

1 kneaded eraser

1 blending stump

Also, don’t forget these two free image files, printed:

  1. https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-b… (eye reference photo)
  2. http://preciousinfants.com/eye.jpg (eye drawing outline)

Please be sure to let me know if this video has been helpful to you, and if there is anything I can explain more clearly, Also, if you follow along with me, I would LOVE to see the results of your work!

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